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Inspiration Through Travel – Photo Report 2017

This photo report accompanied by a few comments is all about trying to summarise the cultural and inspirational nourishment I get when travelling and visiting global cities. There’s something about moving through unfamiliar spaces, and navigating cultural differences that resets your capacity to experience life anew.

What a year! It started with us leaving St Petersburg and going back to Rio de Janeiro via Ukraine. We spent our last few months in Brazil visiting Niterói, Ilha Grande, Iguaçu Falls. Got back to the UK in July just in time for a big family celebration in York. Celebrating our friends’ wedding in Lebanon was a highlight. Again we found ourselves in Ukraine and finally settled down in London.

St Petersburg (Russia)

Church of the Savior on Blood
Алые Паруса

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Retro VW is a Brazilian work horse
Rio bay boat trip
One in one out
Two Brothers hike and view
Wild life
Boat trip
Rio bay islander
Boat trip
Stand up paddling
Corcovado view from the Sugar Loaf mountain
Our local Flamengo beach

Ilha Grande (Brazil)

Hotel view
Parrot’s Beak
Ilha Grande beach panorama
Beautiful Paradise hotel

Niterói (Brazil)

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum
Niterói Contemporary Art Museum
View from the Niterói’s Contemporary Art Museum
Fiscal Island In Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro

Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil and Argentina)

The Largest waterfalls system in the world
Iguaçu National Park
Devil’s Throat
Brazil and Paraguay border

York (UK)

York train station
Lady in red
Gradma’s 80th birthday family gathering
Getting an Uber

Leicester (UK)

New coffee shop

Beirut (Lebanon)

Carioca (Rio local) coffee
The original columns outside the National Museum
Beirut streets
Promenade walk
Promenade sunset
Bungee jumping

Sidon (Lebanon)

Jet skiing
Sidon’s Sea Castle view
Sidon’s Sea Castle view
Sidon’s Sea Castle was built by the crusaders as a fortress of the holy land

Mount Lebanon

Mount Lebanon view
Sara & Tuna wedding cake
Infinity pool
Mount Lebanon view

Byblos (Lebanon)

The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It has been continuously inhabited since 5000 BC

Kyiv (Ukraine)

Andriyivskyy Descent
St. Andrew’s Church
Museum of corruption
Cat fight
Chess with locals

Cherkasy (Ukraine)

Peep hole view
Soviet sugar refinery no more
My mum
My mum
5 years old
Poker night

London (new home)

Rio Carnaval style Christmas decorations in London
Shiny new route master
Hampstead Heath
Street food
Towers old and new
Tower bridge
Tate modern
Yann Tiersen in Royal Albert Hall
Christmas 2017

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