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Freebie: Behance Portfolio Presentation Builder

Ever wondered how designers make their Behance portfolio items pop by seamlessly combining background and foreground images making presentations wider and more appealing? View some examples below:


  1. Action Aid #LandFor Campaign »
  2. Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope »
  3. Team Desk User Interface Guidelines »

You probably even tried doing it yourself only to realise you needed to have some crazy maths skills. And the whole thing would drive you nuts so much that you gave up the whole idea only to be left wondering.

Wonder No More

Please welcome a Behance Portfolio Presenation Builder for Sketch. All you have to do now is just follow 3 easy steps using your newly favourite Sketch app.

And yes, it’s totally free and you can download it right now.

Please share some recent Behance projects in the comments below where you’ve used it. You can also view it being used in most of my Behance portfolio items.

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