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  1. Is it Time To Rebrand?

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    It’s been time for me for a long time now… But there’s never a convenient time to rebrand. So, when is the time to rebrand, and how do you go about doing it?


  2. Freebie: Behance Portfolio Presentation Builder

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    Ever wondered how designers make their Behance portfolio items pop by seamlessly combining background and foreground images making presentations wider and more appealing? View some examples below:


  3. Design That Never Was №2

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    It’s been awhile (almost four months to be precise) since the first one of these articles under the “Design That Never Was” heading. Although the design itself was finished shortly after it. I do apologise. So without further ado, please welcome…


  4. Design That Never Was №1

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    The Design That Never Was will be an ongoing series of blog articles dedicated to the part of the work that was completed for a project, but for various reasons never saw the light of day (until now, that is). Whether another option was chosen by a client, someone changed their mind, or decided to go in a different direction, here will be a place where tribute can be paid to the designs which were prematurely put to rest.