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  1. Travel Photography 2015—2016

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    Over the last two years we were extremely lucky to have had a chance to travel a bit. We’ve been to Israel, around the UK, and Ukraine to name a few places. We also lived in St Petersburg for 3 months and have now been living in Rio de Janeiro for a couple of years. These are a few shots we’ve taken along the way.


  2. Inspiration Through Travel

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    Nothing gets my neurons firing and creating new connections quite like exposing my senses to new experiences, smells, tastes, languages, and cultures through travel. Below are a few Instagram shots from one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been lucky enough to visit and live in – Rio de Janeiro.


  3. Hello World! My First Ever Post!

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    Well hello there! Thanks for visiting! I wrote this blog post to serve me instead of lorem ipsum dummy text for my first ever article! But it also might answer a few of your questions: Who am I? And what it this all about?